Mini Pile Pty Ltd

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Welcome to Mini Pile's website. Throughout this site you will be able to find out about this vibrant new Local Company, what we do, what we will be doing in the future and who are the people you can talk to and get help from. We are keen to provide that friendly service that you dont get from our competitors.

You can do some simple cost comparisons between timber piles and the old style, conventional concrete bored piers.

You will discover why it is more beneficial for you to choose this method of piling to support your homes or your commercial investments.

We hope you are able to get full benefit from it and encourage you to contact us should you need any clarification or assistance.

Both Gary and John will work with you to help minimise your costs and to solve the difficult problems. We are always keen to give you friendly advice and John is forever doing those little things you dont expect... AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!